Vehicle Winter Weather Prep

Protect Your Car and Yourself With These Winter Tips

Winter is almost here, and you want your vehicle to be ready so that it can withstand some of the worst conditions. There are several things that you should do to your vehicle before snow and cold temperatures hit, and at Haddad Hyundai in Pittsfield, we want you to know more about them so that you're prepared. We can even help you get prepared with some things if you come into our dealership.

Tire Change

If you like to change between winter and summer tires, we can do that for you. Otherwise, if you have a set of all-season tires on your vehicle, you might want to rotate them, or you might need to get new ones before the slippery conditions hit. If your tread is getting low, you should get new tires soon so that you can be safe during the first storm in North Adams.

Oil Change

Getting your oil changed regularly is essential to the health of your engine, but some people also like to get a certain type of oil for when colder conditions hit in Adams. The viscosity of oil changes depending on the temperature, so some vehicles perform better with a less viscous oil in the winter.

Wash And Wax

Winter can be hard on the body of your vehicle, especially when you live in Pittsfield. All of the salt from the road can eat away at the clear coat and paint, resulting in rust spots. One of the easiest ways that you can protect your vehicle is by waxing it before the first storm in Austerlitz, NY. Subsequently, you should continue to wash your vehicle throughout the winter so that you can keep the salt off the body.

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Whether you live in Lee or Stephentown, NY, you're likely looking for ways to keep your vehicle in great shape throughout the winter. Incorporate these winter tips for New Lebanon, NY drivers so that your vehicle and you are protected all winter long.