Frequently Asked Hyundai Service Questions

At Hadd Hyundai in Pittsfield MA, we proudly serve the North County area and beyond with a great selection of new Hyundai models. To help keep everyone's vehicle in great condition, our service center is here for scheduled maintenance and repairs. Here are some FAQS our service center team gets from shoppers just like you!

What are some of the most common services shoppers come in for?

These services, while seemingly basic, go a long way in helping to ensure that your Hyundai stays in peak condition for Lee Country driving.

Oil Change Information

What does engine oil do for my Hyundai?

Oil helps lubricate the engine and important vehicle components, as well as keep the engine at a safe temperature. Over time the oil gets gummy from the debris and it stops cooling and lubricating as effectively. In severe cases, skipping too many oil changes can warp and damage the engine, causing expensive repairs.

How often should I come in to avoid the issues mentioned above?

Check your Hyundai's owner manual to see how often you need to come in for an oil change. That 3,000-mile rule is quite out dated, and you probably don't need to come in until about 7,500 miles or even more if you use a full synthetic. If you're a lessee and don't put a lot of miles on your vehicle as you drive around Adams, come in at least once a year for fresh oil!

Tire Information

Why do I need to get my tires rotated?

Tires aren't exactly cheap and getting your tires rotated on a regular basis helps them wear evenly. The wear unevenly due to the different weights of the front and rear axles.

Do I need winter tires?

Winters in North Adams can get brutal, which is why we suggest getting winter tires on around November or early December. Winter tires have deeper treads, the rubber is meant for cooler temps, and the tread patterns help better channel snow and slush. For a 2WD model you can get studded winter tires, but check your North County rules, as they might need to be off by a certain time, as they can ruin the bare roads.

When should I come in for a tire alignment?

Come in to see if you need a tire alignment if you notice the following:

  • Your Hyundai won't stay straight if your hands are off the wheel
  • When you buy a new set of tires
  • If you've hit a really severe pothole

Brake Information

What are some signs that I should come in for a brake check?

Break issues always bring shoppers into our dealership's service center, and for good reason - folks want to make sure they can stop! These signs don't always mean you have brake issues, but you should still get them checked out.

  • Your brakes feel the 3 S's: soft, spongy, or slow to respond
  • When you stop you hear and feel a grinding, squealing or clunking. Your brakes might also feel like they're pulsating
  • When you brake your vehicle tends to pull to one side
  • You can smell something acidic when you stop
  • The ABS warning light is lit up on your dashboard

Be detailed with the signs you're seeing, hearing, or even smelling, and we'll go to work to make sure your brakes are in excellent condition and give you peace of mind for your drives in Lee County. If necessary, we'll order new brake pads or rotors.

Battery Information

How long will my battery last?

Battery life depends upon your vehicle usage, but it's a good idea to check your battery around 3 years. If you have short commutes, you might find that your battery doesn't last as long as those with longer commutes. This is because the battery doesn't have long to charge before you arrive at your destination. If you have a short commute, it's a good idea to go on a long drive (15-20 minutes) once a week, especially during the winter!

What are some signs my battery might be dying?

No one wants to be stranded in Adams (or anywhere) because of a dead battery, so here are signs yours might need replacing soon:

  • Your Hyundai model is slow to turn over when you turn the key or hit the push button start
  • The lights and radio flicker
  • You've had a few dead batteries in the past from leaving lights on, for example
  • The battery won't hold the charge after you've been jumped

Wiper Information

How many times a year should I get new wipers?

Next to fancy advanced safety technologies like Driver Alert systems and blind spot monitoring, it's easy to overlook the humble wipers. However, when the snow or rain is falling, you'll certainly notice what a bad set of wipers can do (or better yet, not do) for visibility. We encourage you to get new wipers every six months so that you can see clearly as you drive around North Adams all-year long.

Hyundai Genuine Accessory Information

What are some popular accessories people buy for their Hyundai?

  • Ski/board racks
  • Bike racks
  • Cargo boxes
  • Trunk organizers
  • All-weather floormats
  • Cargo net
  • Interior lighting
  • Bumper and door protectors

Whether you're looking to accessorize, protect, or add more functionality or interior space to your Hyundai, our parts center team can help you find the right Genuine Hyundai Accessory that fits the bill. After they order it, they'll send it over to the service center for the installation. These accessories also add value to your Hyundai model!

Why shouldn't I buy aftermarket accessories?

Aftermarket accessories and parts from a local mechanic may be a little cheaper, but they also aren't meant to fit your vehicle exactly. This means they can wear faster and simply not look as nice. Since a vehicle is already a big investment, we think it pays to make sure you order the best accessories for it.

You don't need to have a strong mechanical understanding of the Hyundai you've bought, but it's always nice to know a little about underpinnings of your sedan, crossover, or hatchback, and we hope this FAQ Service Center page has provided you with some useful insights. If you need to come into our Pittsfield location for an oil change, or you're finally ready to know what that 'sound' is, schedule an appointment online so you can meet with our service center team. We love serving Hyundai owners, and we look forward to meeting you and your vehicle.

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