Benefits of Genuine OEM Parts

Why You Absolutely Need to Use OEM Parts

When you need to replace a part on your vehicle in Pittsfield, you might not know if you should use OEM parts or aftermarket parts. For that matter, you might not even know the difference between the two options. Maybe you've just heard of them both and know that aftermarket parts are sometimes less expensive. Or maybe you didn't know any of these things. Wherever you are in your buying journey, at Haddad Hyundai in Pittsfield, we want to help you find the exact part that will keep your vehicle running well for years around Adams and North Adams.

Difference Between OEM and Aftermarket Parts

When you bring your vehicle into a shop in Pittsfield, the mechanics will either put OEM or aftermarket parts on your vehicles. OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. The OEM part is the same part that was put on your vehicle when it was first produced in the factory. In contrast, aftermarket parts are like generic parts. Other companies make aftermarket parts to make money. While there are a lot of options available in the aftermarket parts category, the problem is that you don't know for sure what you'll be getting when you get an aftermarket part. While some parts can be just fine, you have to know what you're talking about to get an aftermarket part that you can be confident in for your commute around Lee and Stephentown, NY. You see, some aftermarket parts might be made with low-quality materials, or their design might simply be lacking.

Why You Should Feel Confident With OEM Parts

That's why you should invest in OEM parts when you need to fix your vehicle. While you might get an okay part when you get one that's aftermarket, you don't know for sure what you'll be getting. You could be rolling the dice. For instance, if the part that you buy is made with low-quality materials, then you might not know how long it will hold up before you have to replace it again. A low-quality belt might snap, causing damage to your engine or another expensive part in your vehicle. If that happens, not only will you have to replace the belt again, but you'll also have to replace whatever was damaged because the part just broke.

Why We Think Its Important to Use OEM Parts

There are several reasons why we at our dealership in Pittsfield think that its important to use OEM parts. First of all, we can know exactly the quality of the part that we're putting on your vehicle when you visit us. We would hate to find out after the fact that a part that we put on your vehicle did damage to your car, so we feel much more comfortable putting OEM parts on all of the vehicles that we fix.