Hyundai Motor Company has unveiled its Concept EV known as "Prophecy."

With lines that hearken back to the classic car era, "Prophecy" reflects "Sensuous Sportiness," Hyundai's signature philosophy of design. It also embraces Hyundai's "Optimistic Futurism," which envisions an emotional connection between humans and automobiles.

Prophecy's exterior lines are clean, simple, and uninterrupted, presenting a sweeping, streamlined flow from front to rear. It incorporates pixelated progressive lighting technology into the head and tail lamps along with the spoiler.

Its extended wheelbase and short overhang give Prophecy's door lines the impression of a sweeping arc. Hyundai intends to provide a sense of harmony between the vehicle's aesthetics and its functionality.

Prophecy's design also provides excellent aerodynamic traits. Its wheels feature propeller-shaped vanes that draw air into the vehicle and direct it along the side. An integrated spoiler adds to the aerodynamic effect.

Hyundai has integrated its EV components into Prophecy's body design, too. A wide air intake is installed below the bumper to provide fresh air to cool the batteries.

Prophecy's interior design also reflects Hyundai's optimism about the future of automobiles. It centers around a joystick steering system that enhances interior space, provides clearer views and eases entry and exit for occupants of the cabin.

The air inside Prophecy's cabin is refreshed constantly by its clean air technology system.

As a concept vehicle, Prophecy is intended to symbolize Hyundai's commitment to electrified vehicles. Hyundai Motor Group is in the process of expanding its product line to include 44 electrified models.

The company expects to invest nearly 50 billion euros to research and develop advanced technologies between now and 2025. It expects to be one of the three largest EV manufacturers in the world, selling more than 670,000 electric vehicles each year.

We at Haddad Hyundai are proud to share Hyundai's vision for the future. Part of our mission is to provide new and innovative transportation solutions for our customers across the region. We could not ask for a better partner than Hyundai to realize this mission.

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