It's time to show your Hyundai some tender loving care this springtime. Your SUV, sedan, or compact vehicle has survived the rigors of road salt, icy driving conditions, and snow. A little spring maintenance can go a long way toward making driving more comfortable and safer.

One of the main components to take a beating throughout the year are your tires. Tires carry the weight of you, the car, and often everything important to you. They're also the first line of contact with the road.

Drivers in the Pittsfield area frequently must drive over uneven pavement, road hazards, and potholes. Tires can get easily worn and must regularly be replaced to get the smoothest, safest ride for your passengers. If they don't need replacing, routinely getting your tires rotated will maximize the wear you get from them.

Another service frequently performed at the same time as tire rotation is an oil change. Fresh, clean oil is a requirement for safe driving. This is because the gears and other moving parts of your car or SUV's engine are designed to run against minimal friction.

Providing your engine with the oil it needs will result in a quieter ride. It will also help you get the most use from your vehicle's engine. This will help you maximize the years and mileage you can get from your SUV or car.

No matter the vehicle, figuring out when to bring it in for routine maintenance can be confusing. Although spring is a good time to get your tires and oil serviced, these tasks must also be performed at other times throughout the year. For detailed information on the minimum service requirements for your vehicle, consult the maintenance schedule found in your owner's manual.

While you're online reading through your vehicle's manual, take a moment to come to the Haddad Hyundai website. We have an ever-growing selection of Hyundai educational materials. In just a few minutes, you can even schedule a service appointment with our top-notch mechanics using our convenient online scheduling system.

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