Another Win for the Hyundai Kona in Pittsfield

Here in Pittsfield, we like our utility vehicles, and it’s understandable. They’re a diverse style of auto, capable of hauling plenty of people, plenty of cargo, or just cruising in style. For road trips, commuting, or just daily errands, a utility vehicle like the Hyundai Kona really checks all the boxes. Plus, the Hyundai Kona was just given the Best-in-Class Subcompact SUV award by the New England Motor Press Association.

Hyundai is of course renowned for their focus on innovation and safety, on top of just plain solid engineering and build quality, and the Kona is a prime example. Perhaps it’s fitting that it’s named after, all things said and done, the Hawaiian fire god, because the powerful engine packs the ferocity of a volcano, wrapped in a fuel efficiency that you wouldn’t expect from a utility vehicle, up to 28/33MPG depending on which model you choose.

But it’s not just the engineering and powerful motor that make the Kona a true smart car. No, it’s all about the modern technology Hyundai is all about adding to their vehicles. With warning systems for blind spots, collisions, rear cross-traffic, lane keeping assistance, and driver attention notifications, this is one safe, clever vehicle, and truly a smart car. Many of these features help the Kona perform on the roads of Pittsfield during the winter months, and contributed to the vehicle's success in the Winter Vehicle Awards conducted by the New England Motor Press Association.

Of course, Hyundai wouldn’t settle for anything but supreme comfort with their designs, and this is one of the roomiest, most comfortable vehicles of its class to hit the streets of Pittsfield to date. With this comfort, and safety further enhanced by air bags, anti-lock brakes and crumple zones, and you know that you, your friends and your family can enjoy this beautiful area safely and dependably.

On top of all this, it’s a good-looking design, sleek and modern while remaining timeless, and available in a plethora of colors to suit just about any style and taste.

The Hyundai Kona is a utility vehicle for everyone, and there’s one perfect for you waiting to meet you right now. At Haddad Hyundai, we think you owe it to yourself to take one of these for a test drive, and experience the epitome of Hyundai engineering, technology and comfort quality today. Once you’ve experienced the Hyundai Kona, you’ll never see those inferior designs the same again.

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