At Haddad Hyundai we don't expect you, the buyer or lessee, to become an expert in knowing how your Hyundai model functions, but we do know it's helpful to have a base understanding about popular and common vehicle service questions and concerns. That's why we put together our Frequently Asked Questions page for our service center, and that's where we go in-depth! Here's what we discuss on that page.

  • Oil changes: what exactly is the importance of engine oil and do you really need to come in every 3,000 miles for an oil change? We touch on this common service!
  • Tire care: we go over signs that you might need a tire rotation or alignment. We also discuss the need for winter tires during those colder New England seasons.
  • Brake checks: everyone wants to stop in time, and in our break section we list out vehicle occurrences that might suggest you need a brake inspection.
  • Battery checks: the battery is the heart of the vehicle, and you don't want it to die on you. That's why we give you the tell-tale signs that your battery might be due for a replacement so that you can get it checked and swapped beforehand.
  • Wiper replacements: you probably aren't getting new wipers often enough and we lay out the proper replacement schedule to help you always see clearly.
  • Accessory installations: we impart the importance of buying Genuine Accessories (and parts) from our parts center and how they can bring value and flair to your ride.

If you're coming up on service, or you have possible issues that you've been putting off getting checked, now is the time to act. Go to our FAQ Service page, give it a read, and then schedule a time to come into our service bay for a review and possible repair. We want to make sure everyone feels confident behind the wheel and with your new FAQ knowledge and our trained technicians, we can do that!

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